Want to Make God Laugh?…

…Tell her your plans.


We don’t know exactly what we want, but we have a good idea:

2,000 sq ft

4 bedrooms (or 3 bedrooms with an office)

2 bathrooms

open lofty living room (lofty? is that the word I am looking for?)


A few house plans and styles I love:





Here is a (not so great) pic of a net zero home in Seattle that used the house plan above:





Eco-friendly Modular Home Built in 60 Days, Uses 50 Percent Less Energy

It’s a start right? I think I might be driving the modular buiders crazy with my “can you make this house modular?” emails. Oh goodness bless them and their patience. It’s called a Dream House because you have been dreaming about it forever! You get one shot! Make it WORK!

This is also how I pass the nail biting time of waiting until we hear back from the two builders we are deciding to work with. So enjoy as I pour my nervous energy into these  blog posts!


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